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The Jumpstart Philly Real Estate Radio Show is a conversational interview series that delves into the world of
real estate development and community revitalization in Philadelphia.We highlight the positive changes that
are taking place in the City and showcase the individuals and organizations that are driving this transformation.
We explore the latest trends, insights, and special topics relating to real estate development. From market
analysis and financing to zoning regulations and construction budgeting, the program provides education on a
broad range of subjects applicable to both brand new and seasoned developers.

Conducted live during virtual JUMPinar sessions via Zoom Webinar, these sessions are open to the public and
provide a unique opportunity for listeners to engage with real estate developers, community leaders, and other
stakeholders who are driving change in their neighborhoods. The conversations are informative, engaging, and
often feature personal stories and anecdotes that shed light on the challenges and opportunities of real estate
development in Philadelphia.

The show is hosted and produced by Jumpstart Germantown, an educational real estate development training
program that has been successful in focusing on slow, steady growth, scattered site rehabs, and providing a
mix of affordable and market-rate housing. The program’s commitment to helping small developers has made it
a model for other real estate development programs across the city, and throughout the country.
Episodes are broadcasted bi-monthly on WRGU 92.9FM, Fridays at 10 AM. The radio show is also available
as a podcast on major platforms.

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