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Air Pollution: Potential Remedies

today June 3, 2022


Photo by Chris LeBoutillier on Unsplash

The Delaware Valley and Philadelphia region has one of the worst air pollution problems in the nation.  Some of this pollution occurs because of the geography of the area, other pollution comes from industrial and other manmade sources.  Regardless, air pollution is a cause of considerable environmental injustice and causes health problems.  What are some approaches that could mitigate air pollution?

Alex Bomstein is the Director of Litigation for the Clean Air Council of Philadelphia, an organization that has been working to insure there is clean air since 1967.  Alex will discuss some of the issues involved in litigating for clean air, the effectiveness of legal work to help with pollution, and some of the kinds of cases he currently works on.

Peter Winslow is a long-term advocate for the environmental and social justice community in the Philadelphia region and has talked to us regularly about city environmental justice issues. He will discuss the development of citizen projects to monitor air quality in the region, as well as update us on other local environmental stories.


 Also on this show: News related to air pollution and air quality.



Begin June 3, 2022 H 4:00 pm
End June 3, 2022 H 5:00 pm
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