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Crossroads Women’s Center Grand Opening

today June 9, 2023


The Global Women’s Strike at the new Crossroads Women’s Center in Philadelphia welcomes you to an international and community gathering, online and in person, 9-11 June 2023. 

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FOR payment for those caring for and protecting people and the environment.

AGAINST poverty, child removal, criminalization, rape, domestic & state violence, sexism, racism & discrimination of all kinds, deportation, war…

5011 Wayne Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144, US


Friday 9 June

10 am-4pm, WorkshopHow nature regulates the climate and how natural farming can help with Didi Pershouse and lessons from women’s self-help groups in Andhra Pradesh, India

5-7pm, Grand Opening and half a century of archives with Selma JamesMargaret Prescod and others.

Saturday 10 June

Morning: Take away our poverty, not our children
Afternoon: End criminalization of poverty and protest

Sunday 11 June

Morning: Autonomy, central to organizing and unity
Afternoon: A Care Income – a movement whose time has come

Each of the four panels on Saturday and Sunday will be followed by a longer workshop which will give participants the chance to discuss with each other the organizing we are doing, the obstacles we face, our successes and how we can be a strength for each other across the divides of sectors and movements.

Begin June 9, 2023 H 5:00 pm
End June 9, 2023 H 7:00 pm
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24 Maplewood Mall
Philadelphia, PA 19144


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