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Double Bill: The Giant Rat of Sumtra/The Wrong Way To Write

today June 1, 2022


Welcome to skywave at Gtownradio for live radio play entertainment. We begin with a tale; a rat’s tail if you will, from the Sherlock Holmes series. Originally aired in 1944, “The Giant Rat of Sumatra” concerns a poisonous rat on the loose killing innocent people in its path; but what makes it so lethal ..and so valuable? We continue with a short from the Short Short series. A comedy 1st broadcast in 1940, “The Wrong Way To Write” has jokesters Chet and Frank set up colleague Marsha for a sudden engagement, but what happens to the pranksters when the bride finds out she’s been stood up. Well, this crew won’t leave guessing. So let’s throw rice and flowers to our guests- Gary Mitchell, Maury Harris, Shelli Pentimall- Booker, St. Thomas of Gtown and your brother in theatre Andy Pettit

Begin June 1, 2022 H 5:00 pm
End June 1, 2022 H 6:00 pm
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