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Environmental Journalists: Some Contemporary Perspectives

today May 20, 2022


New Planet Philadelphia 4-5:00 PM Friday 5/20/22
92.9 FM WGGT-LP in Philadelphia and live streaming at gtownradio.com

What are environmental journalists thinking about environmental news and reporting? What do they have to say about contemporary economic issues and how environmental concerns and policies fit in with these issues? Guests on this show will be:

Bobby Magill covers public lands, water and climate change for Bloomberg Law, part of the Bloomberg Industry Group. He is the former president of the Society of Environmental Journalists and has written extensively about the issues he covers. He also reported from the three most recent United Nationals international climate negotiations. He will be talking about his assessment of environmental journalism and the stories he is particularly interested in watching develop.


Shannon Osaka is a climate reporter at the environmental magazine Grist, with writing also appearing in Rolling Stone, WIRED, and other outlets. Her work focuses on U.S. and international climate policy, electric vehicles, and the energy transition. She has received the 2020 SEAL Award for Environmental Journalism and an Online Journalism Award for topical reporting on climate change.  She starts by discussing how the environmental policies of the current US government may help decrease inflation and then goes on to discuss a wide range of issues related to the economy and the environment.
Also on this show: News related to environmental journalism and other environmental stories.

Begin May 20, 2022 H 4:00 pm
End May 20, 2022 H 5:00 pm
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