Get To The Heart Of It


Get To The Heart Of It showcases host Roslyn Thomas’ love of authentic, interesting, and passionate people, and her knack for creating an environment in G-Town Radio’s studio for relaxed and robust conversation with her guests.

Get To The Heart Of It began as a show devoted to Roslyn’s fascination with food, the hands that prepare food, and the importance of diet and its effect on one’s body, heart and mental health. Several years after starting her show on G-Town Radio, Roslyn had a successful heart transplant. That experience introduced her to surgeons and transplant schedulers, people who she found interesting and full of heart and passion. Since her life saving procedure, Roslyn now devotes her show to conversations with inspiring people who approach their lives and crafts with passion, another key ingredient for a healthy heart and life.

Producer, Roslyn Thomas


Get To The Heart Of It crew

Roslyn Thomas

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