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On the first Friday of each month, “Items of Interest” brings you information and commentary on topics you didn’t know you wanted to know about (and sometimes those you did). What songs make people cry? What did Edgar Allen Poe and the local barber say about Wissahickon? Where do social studies come from and how are they taught today? What is life like for musicians in war-torn Ukraine? Why did Latvian anarchists fight Winston Churchill in London? What really stops crime? What good things have we overlooked in a world of sorrow and struggle?

About Janis Chakars: “Items of Interest” host and producer Janis Chakars is a professor of communication and digital media at Neumann University, president of the Philadelphia Society of Free Letts, Board member of G-Town Radio, and guitarist of punk bands, Gery C.E.L.L. and Citizens Arrest. In addition to his show, Chakars has brought the student-produced programs “Living Black History,” “The Summer Camp,” and “Out There Here” to G-Town Radio.

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Janis Chakars

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