Listen Up!

Hosted by Tom Casetta

Wednesday 2:00 pm trending_flat 4:00 pm

Listen Up! a multi-genre music show hosted by Tom Casetta presented within the “underground/freeform radio” style.  Each week, music is selected from the vast Listen Up! audio pantry and sifted thru a psychedelic cheesecloth resulting in a two hour mid-day, mid-week music feast that shines a beacon on the unsung, should-be-sung, and will-be-sung recordings that crisscross time and continents.

Tom Casetta has been involved with Community Media projects since the early 80’s and joined G-Town Radio in 2012. Tom currently is the Station Manager for G-Town Radio.   In addition to his work with community radio, Tom has been a contributor and advisor to a wide range of other projects ranging from scripting, and voicing content to researching and documenting various subject matters.

Tom can be reached at
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Listen Up! crew

Tom Casetta

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