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Much too often all we hear is negative denigrating narratives about people in our City. Community Voice PHL Talk Show is a radio talk show that highlights the positive value-based programs and services that people bring to our society, and we’ll also showcase the organizations that are working to make a positive difference in the Northwest section and across the City as a whole. We’ll provide information about resources, services, and programs to let our listeners know how they can help to build caring and prosperous communities with people who are right in their neighborhoods.

We’ll feature engaging topics and will have a featured guest who will be an expert or well-versed on the subject/topic, to help discuss action-oriented ideas, thoughts, and suggestions to help address and overcome the issues and/or challenges in our City. So, just like listening to good friends talking about good things, Community Voice starts with the situation or issue that needs to be addressed and ends with joyful solutions and a positive perspective on how to deal with that situation. So, tune in every other Thursday at 5pm to Community Voice PHL Talk Show and get informed, engaged, and inspired.

Community Voice PHL airs every other Thursday.

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